Hasanova Sevinj Arif gizi has started to work as a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of Ethics at the Institute of Philosophy and Law since December 1981 and has been promoted to the position of Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Philosophy.
S.A Hasanova was a dissertation student of the "Ethics" department of the Institute of Philosophy and Law, and in 1997 she defended her dissertation entitled "Historical and philosophical analysis of Niccolo Machiavelli's political ethics" and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In February 2018, he was awarded the title of "Associate Professor". The main research area is political ethics and theoretical problems of ethics. SA Hasanova has published 1 monograph and scientific articles in about 40 foreign and national scientific journals, including international indexed journals. “Ethical issues, cultures and artifical intelligence”. Philosophy Nowadays: reflections on education and the digital transformation of knowledge. Editors: Prof. D.SC. Bogdana Todorova, Academician, Prof. Slobodan Neshkovic, Publishing: CESNA-B, Belgrade, Serbia, 2021, p.119-124. Since 2009, in addition to his scientific activity, Sevinj Hasanova has been working as the Scientific Secretary of the ED.1.33 Dissertation Council operating at the Institute.