Philosophy of Modern Politics

Head of the department -Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, prof. Rena Mirzazadeh

"Philosophy of Modern Politics" Department has been operating since September 2003. The need to strengthen political research and analysis in the conditions of independence was one of the important issues ahead. In this principle, the Department of Political Science was created at the Institute. As a result of the redefinition of reforms and research directions in the political life of the state, the department was named "Political Science and Political Sociology" and later "Political Theories". With regard to structural changes, the department is called the "Philosophy of Modern Politics" since 2017. Leading research work of the department for 2018-2020 is called "Azerbaijan model: in the context of philosophy of modern politics".
The department has 14 employees. There are 1 senior scientific researcher, 2 leading scientific researchers, 4 scientific workers, 2 junior scientific workers, 2 head laboratory assistants and 1 junior laboratory assistant. The department has 2 doctors of sciences and 7 of them are Phds.