Head of department - honored scientist, doctor of philosophical sciences Azimova Rafiga Jalil

In 2001 the Department of Sociology and Social Psychology was established. The direction of the department was "Problems of application and research of sociological and social psychological problems". Since 2003, the department has started publishing collections. In 2003-2004, titles "Public Transition Periodicals" were published. The formation and development of the middle class in connection with the transitional phase in 2006 was researched and published in Azerbaijani and Russian languages.
During these years, the department staff has conducted serious studies on sociology of education in modern society and has been published in a generalized way. Division staff on humanitarian problems has published a number of articles, speeches at international conferences, and in 2011, the monograph "Human science is the science of the 21st century". In 2014, the department staff presented the problems of modern society, "Sociology of Life", "Sociology of Education". Social and psychological problems have been developed there and published in the form of a collection. Based on the Decision 1/16 of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences dated January 18, 2017, the Department of Social Psychology has been established under the new structure of the Institute of Philosophy of ANAS and since 2018 the Department of "Sociology" separated from the Department of "Social Psychology" continues its activities.
Department of Sociology has established its scientific activity mainly in three directions:
1. The general direction of the department for 2006-2010 was developed by the department staff on "Social change and social tensions".
2. General direction of the department for 2011 - 2017 Topics of department staff were developed around the "Sociological and Socio-Psychological Development Indicators of Modern Society".
3. From 2018 to 2024, the Department of "Sociology" began to operate independently and was considered as a general direction of the department "Indicators of Innovative Development in Modern Azerbaijan".
There are 14 employees in the department.