Head of the department: Huseynov Habib Mazahir , PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor.

The Department of Education, established in 2017 at the Institute of Philosophy of ANAS, has been established with the purpose of organizing the doctoral and dissertant's dissertations and doctoral studies, the scientific activities of the magistrates and the relationships of the Institute with higher education institutions.
The Education Department organizes the preparation of tests for admission to doctoral and dissertation papers, writing abstracts, admission examinations for specialty subjects and minimum exams.
The Department of Education prepares and certifies the necessary documents for the certification of the doctoral and dissertants.
The Education Department coordinates the activity of the doctoral students and dissertants with the Science and Education Department of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, prepares and presents the necessary documents in this field.
PhDs and dissertants submit reports on their activities to the Education Department and other necessary documents.
The Department of Education carries out magistracy education, organizes participation in master classes in the master's curriculum, provides preparation and defense of master dissertations.
The Department of Education is responsible for organizing relationships with higher education Institutions. Organizing the implementation of the programs provided by interns and internship students sent from various universities to the institute is part of the Education Department's functions.
It organizes the commission for the admission and minimum exams for the doctoral candidacy, the preparation of the test questions, and the establishment of the test collections. It performs the tasks of the Directorate of the Institute staff.
The Education Department is an independent body and is subject to the Director of the Institute.
The head of the education department can be elected a member of the Scientific Council.
The department has got 4 employees.