Ilham Ramiz oglu Mammadzadeh
İlham Məmmədzadə
Ilham Ramiz oglu Mammadzadeh graduated from the philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov in 1975. In 1980, he defended his PhD in philosophy in Moscow, and in 1990 defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in Philosophy.
I. R. Mammadzadeh began his career as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in 1975 and has been promoted to the position of Director of the Institute.
The research area of I. R. Mammadzadeh is very broad. He has conducted research on ethics, political ethics, bioethics, history of philosophy, cultural science, and political science, and is currently working in this direction successfully.
I. R. Mammadzadeh is the author of more than 130 works published in Azerbaijan and abroad, including 9 books and monographs, more than 100 articles. In his articles such as "Introduction to ethics" (2004), "Ethics Commentary" (2006), "Politics and Morals" (1988), "Good and Evil" (1993), "Political Ethics" (1997) he created a beautiful example of axiology and moral philosophy and gave a concept of philosophical generalization of the "morality-ethics" unit system for its essence.
His moral and behavioral division, the ideas of different morality systems have been highly appreciated by post-Soviet philosophy and ethics.
His philosophy about civil society, political etiquette, political regimes and transitional era, in particular, the philosophy of changes in post-soviet area, has been accepted as conceptual quality by the scientific community. We can say with certainty that he created his own science school and formed the tradition of studying political ethics.
I.R.Mammadzadeh successfully represented Azerbaijan's science, philosophy at a number of international symposiums and conferences that were held in Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Belarus and other countries and made scientific reports on ethics, philosophy, political science and cultural issues at the world Philosophy congresses in different countries and has lectured at leading Scientific Centers.
I.R. Mammadzadeh is a professional scientist known nowadays by the post-Soviet philosophical community. He is a scientific editor and reviewer of many books, monographs and articles. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Scientific Magazine "Humanitarian Sciences" at the University of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation.
I.R. Mammadzadeh's activities as a teacher are great too. He is a professor of Western University in Baku for many years. Here, he is not getting tired of giving the younger generation the knowledge and skills he owns. Tens of young scientists have defended their PhD and Doctoral dissertations under his leadership.
Articles on the philosophical activity of I.R. Mammadzadeh are included in the Encyclopedic information book published in Moscow. This information was reflected in the book "Russian philosophers of the XIX-XX centuries" (M., 2002). Annotations of his articles about N.Makiavelli were included in the Russian-Italian bibliography dedicated to Maksim Machiavelli. This bibliography was published in 2002 by P. Barenboum's editorial.
I. R. Mammadzadeh also works as an organizer of scientific activities.
During his leadership in the Institute, agreements on cooperation, at the same time memorandum of understanding were signed with leading scientific centers of many foreign countries. As a result of his activity, Institute of Philosophy has been a member of the International Association of Philosophical Institutes of Europe and Asia since 2010.
D.p.s. I. R. Mammadzadeh is not only a professional scientist, organizer-leader but at the same time he has been able to show himself as a public figure. A number of events within the framework of the International Humanitarian Forums, held in our country in recent years, have been entrusted to I.R.Mammadzadeh.
I.R. Mammadzadeh demonstrated high activity in organizing, holding and publishing the "Aliyev's recitations" regularly held in Baku and Moscow in 2010, 2012, 2013.
I.R.Mammadzadeh has been awarded several times by the "Honorary Decree" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as by ANAS for the effective work in the development and organization of science in the Republic.