Head of department is Adil Hashimov Heydar, Phd in chemistry.

Editorial and Publishing Department has been organized since 2005 and the main works of the department are editing and printing of scientific and theoretical journals "Philosophy", "Scientific Works" and "East-West: dialogue of civilizations" published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute.
Journals published in previous years:
14 issues of "Philosophy" scientific-theoretical journal were published in 2005-2010.
Published 10 issues in the "East-West: Dialogue of Civilizations" scientific-theoretical and socio-political journal in 2005-2010.
From 2005 to date, 27 issues have been published by the International Scientific and Theoretical Journal "Scientific Works". Currently, the 28th edition is prepared for publication.
In addition, the department has been partially editing monographs, scientific-theoretical conference materials and books recommended by the Scientific Council's Institute.
The department has got 6 employees.