Philosophical trends of MODERN WORLD

Ali Abasov - Head of Department, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor.

The new directions of philosophy and gender studies department was created by the Decree of the Presidium of ANAS on December 18, 1998. Scientific-research activities of the department are aimed at developing and implementing new philosophical concepts and paradigms for classical, non-classical, post-non-classical, globalization and information revolution in transitional societies, as well as analysis of cognitive schemes of moral, social and political processes in the postmodern era.
This work is carried out in the context of the axiology of mutual influence of East and West values, which are characteristic of Azerbaijan.
The newest cognitive trends such as synergetics, gender, convergence of sciences, peace culture, "live history" and their philosophical problems are investigated separately.
Particular attention was paid to the development of gender-based philosophical problems in the department and the Azerbaijani gender education school, which has its own traditions was formed. The school has been working with a number of local and international gender research centers to address theoretical problems of gender, as well as promoting the idea of gender equality. For this purpose, conferences and seminars were held, gender education programs were developed for different educational institutions.
A Gender Library, consisting of 21 books, was created during the activity. This includes textbooks, theoretical studies, historical materials on gender, and sociological studies.
Since 2010, the department has started publishing collective monographs devoted to modern philosophy problems. These books have been published by philosophers and well-known researchers from the CIS and other foreign countries.
Books have been published in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages.