Hashimova Sanubar Gulam head of department

Archive department was established in 2004. The main work of the department consists of the systematization of manuscripts of scientists working at the Institute, collection of scientific reports of the Institute and departments, the archive of personal affairs of the employees and archive of the Institute's employment and financial documents.
Since the establishment of the archive department of Philosophical Institute, the works of the following outstanding scientists of philosophy are kept in the department: A.Makovelsky, Z. Gushev, F.Kocharli, M.Sattarov, Z.Mammadov, Z.Gasimov, Y.Rustamov, A.Zakuyev, Z.Guluzade, M. Manuscripts of Agamirov, A.Ismayilov, D. Zeynalov, M.Zakirzade, Q.Imanzadeh, R.Badalov, I. Efendiyev, M. Abilov, S. Rzaguluzade, Sh. Mirzayeva, H.Huseynov and others.
Since the establishment of the department, it is headed by Hashimova Sanubar Gulam, born in 1952. She graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry in 1974.
Another employee of the department, Hamidova Leyla, born in 1981, graduated from the Art Institute in 2002.